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Holiday Homes in Snowdonia and Bangor Boat Trips?

According to reports circulating around the press in North Wales, the beautiful area could soon become much easier to traverse thanks to Bangor Pier apparently being open for boat visits from as early as next month.

Likely to be a huge boon for those staying in holiday homes in Snowdonia, Bangor City Council’s decision to grant Seawake permission to survey a structure at the end of the famous pier could be a huge one. The structure will allow boats to travel to and from the area.

However, whether or not the plans go ahead depends on the outcome of the survey which will determine whether or not the pier will actually be strong enough. Years of exposure to saltwater has left organisers questioning whether the four supporting pillars of the jetty will be able to cope with the added pressure.

Senior partner at Seawake, Duncan Gilroy, remained positive about the plans going ahead.
“Gwynedd Council has given us permission to use the jetty but it does need a lot of work and was not safe to use,” he said

“Everybody we have spoken to has been very positive about it.”

Mr Gilroy went on to add that following talks with Emlyn Williams of the Bangor Pride project, the Bangor City Council would take on the build themselves.

A Gwynedd Council spokesman said: “The jetty has not been in use for a significant number of years and the company has been advised that extensive works will be required to repair the jetty should the structure be used for the embarking and disembarking passengers.

“The lower section of the jetty is particularly vulnerable to marine growth and the effect of tide, and it has also been affected by the elements over years.

“It is hoped that the company will be able to use the jetty at times of high water as the condition of the jetty at a higher level could be repaired at a reasonable cost.”


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