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Holiday Parks North Wales Celebrate Crafts in November

After the recent wave of highly successful and popular art showcases in North Wales of late such as LLAWN01 and the Helfa Gelf Art Trail, there’s yet another reason to celebrate the creative culture in the region when you stay at holiday parks North Wales this November.

With the esteemed name of Sir Kyffin Williams receiving continuous plaudits and recognition since his passing in 2006 (a collection of his pieces even fetched a handsome £140000 at auction lately), more and more attention has been lavished on the arts in North Wales and this is something that the organisers of the Crefft Cyfoes Caernarfon are aiming to celebrate.

Situated in the renowned Galeri Caernafon, this event is set to be a wonderful coming together of artists throughout the region with so many talents appreciating one another’s work and there could be some gems in store for you too.

If you’re after some superb knitting then there are many products that have each been lovingly created and the maker will be present for you to talk to them – they may even have a few tips to share with you!

Other fantastic exhibits are available for your interest too with immaculately made paintings of all different varieties available for you to admire or to even take home with you. Photographers will also be displaying their shots and there couldn’t be a better way to discover the beauty of the North Wales landscapes than in these photos.

As a sign of the adoration the organisers have for the culture, the whole event is free admission that means you can have 6 hours of fun at the occasion for absolutely nothing! With it being open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., you’ll have more than enough time to find your new favourite piece on the 2nd of November aat Galeri Caernarfon.

For a brilliant day of art, look no further in North Wales than the Crefft Cyfoes Caernarfon during your visit.

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