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A Guide To Maintaining Your Static Caravan

A static caravan can be a pricey investment, but one that you will make memories for and enjoy for years on end. You need to look after your static caravan, and keep it regularly and properly maintained. Do you own static caravans in Bala? Here is a simple guide with some great tips on how to keep your holiday home properly maintained. 

Keep it clean 

It might seem obvious, but a simple way to keep your caravan in tip top condition is to simply keep it clean. Make sure everywhere has been quality cleaned and tidied after each use. If areas are left dirty, problems could arise, such as rats might become attracted to your holiday home. Some static caravan sites may have cleaning services that you can use to make your life easier. 


Always make sure that your static caravans appliances are being looked after and serviced. Make sure your boiler is turned off when not in use, and is being serviced at least once every three years. Static caravans can also become quite stuffy, so make sure your air vents are cleaned out so nothing is restricting the airflow. Also make sure cooking appliances are working properly, such as cookers and stoves. Before you leave, empty and clean out fridges and freezers, the last thing that you want is to return to your caravan after a while, to find gone off stinking food left in the fridge and freezer.


If you are a holiday home owner, you might be aware of one of the biggest problems faced with maintaining static caravans - condensation. This occurs whenever moist air which is warm, clashes with cold surfaces. This is often the case over winter, where ventilation problems keep warm air circulating around the caravan, which clashes with things like windows which are being kept cold by the weather. Condensation is bad news when it comes to holiday homes, as it can lead to mold infestations, due to areas becoming damp. Mold is not only unpleasant to look at, but also can be dangerous to your health.

Draining down 

Draining down is a process of releasing and switching off any excess water that might be left in systems before leaving. This process is essential due to the fact that if anything unfortunate were to happen to your static caravan while it is not in use, such as a burst pipe, there could be major damages and costs. 

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