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Holiday Parks in Bala that let you get close to Nature

North Wales is one of the most beautiful areas in all of the UK, and attracts a large number of visitors every summer to see the beautiful beaches, forests, sacred areas and historical landmarks. These, as well as a few man made attractions which work in harmony with the local area as well as providing some seriously unique days out by providing experiences which aren't easily replicated.

One of the best things about Wales is the abundance of wildlife around every corner. Wales is a paradise for all manner of creatures great and small, and there's a lot more to this region than the odd sheep! There's a great deal of holiday parks in Wales, but for those that enjoy getting up close and personal with nature, Pale Wood Holiday Park in Bala is one of the best of them all. 

This gorgeous little holiday parks in Bala, Wales attracts crowds of tourists every year thanks to its high quality facilities, as well as the fact that it appeals to anyone which has a soft spot in their heart for nature. Proud winners of the David Bellamy conservation award for well over 7 years, Pale Wood Holiday Park in Bala is one of the very best places in Wales to spot a variety of species of birds, butterflies, fish, and so very much more. 

Conservationism is imperative at Pale Wood Holiday Park, and it remains the main focus of it next to tourism. Guests are given their very own bird box and are encouraged to make their surroundings just as comfortable for the local wildlife as it is for them. Inland but a stones' throw away from the coast, Pale Wood Holiday Park offers so very much. The coastline itself offers pristine beaches, dramatic cliff faces and of course the open seas where seals, porpoise and dolphins are frequently seen.

Taking a small excursion to the coast is one of the very best ways to catch sight of marine life when you stay at the park. You may even see seals on the coastline - in the summer months these seals are used to seeing boats and humans on the sea and are not very shy at all.

If you are even more adventurous you might opt to go snorkelling with a big chance of having the seals come to play with you. This is most likely near Puffin Island (A few hours drive from Pale Wood) where the seals like to sunbathe. For the more cautious and for those without their own access to a boat you can head a short distance to the town of Beaumaris. This pretty town offers much more than just the best ice cream in Anglesey it offers speed boat rides up to Puffin Island where you are likely to catch glimpses of the seals and rare water birds that roost there.

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